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Aquaphoneia at Ars Electronica

Photos of Aquaphoneia from Ars Electronica, at the Alchemists of our Time exhibition. . .

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Aquaphoneia goes to Ars Electronica

At Ars Electronica 2016, a new work I collaborated on with Navid Navab and Michael Montanaro will premiere as part of their Alchemists of our Time exhibition. Aquaphoneia is an alchemical machine that transmutates voice into water. “Aquaphoneia is an alchemical installation centered around the poiesis of time and the transmutation of voice into matter. A large horn floating mid space echoes the ghosts of Edison, Bell, and Berliner’s machines. But unlike early recording, herding...

[tags: arselectronica,aquaphoneia,installation,water,drops]
W.U.R.M. heads to NYC

Members of the W.U.R.M.: Escape from a dying star team will be heading to CultureHub/La MaMa in NYC to continue production in an intensive one week residency. On May 7, we will expose the work at CultureHub, tickets are available at

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W.U.R.M. heads to A MAZE Awards 2016

W.U.R.M.: Escape from a dying star will be featured as part of the A MAZE Awards 2016 in Berlin, April 20-23.

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Pure Data Workshop at Eastern Bloc

A three part workshop series on electroacoustic composition in Pure Data titled “Music & Sound in New Media Art” at Eastern Bloc, Montreal. Full details are available here.

[tags: puredata,procedural,raspberrypi,algorithmic,music,sound]
W.U.R.M. awarded Japan Media Arts Festival Award

W.U.R.M.: Escape from a dying star has been awarded a jury selection award in the entertainment division at this years Japan Media Arts Festival.

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Process & Control on Bordille Records

Process & Control is available now on Julien Bayle and François Larini’s Marseille/London label, Bordille Records. “Improvised live electronics composed with E.L.A.P.S., an [e]xpressive [l]ive [a]lgorithmic [p]erformance [s]ystem. Utilizing tangible control interfaces, procedural processes, and the open-source Pure Data, this album was recorded in one take on 25 April 2015. Process & Control looks to explore asynchronous rhythms, 12 tone serialism, complex clock modulation, Markov chain analysis and autonomous stereo spatialization.” With generative cover-art by...

[tags: live,bordille,algorithmic,generative,procedural]
W.U.R.M. at Eastern Bloc

The presentation of a new collaborative interactive installation, W.U.R.M.: Escape from a Dying Star at Eastern Bloc, as part of their Fall Data Salon (7pm-10pm).

[tags: robots,emotions,procedural,algorithmic]
Swarming Emotional Pianos, at Triennale Device_art

In 2014, I was commissioned to design a performing/composing algorithmic instrument in Max/MSP for Erin Gee’s Swarming Emotional Pianos. This project will be exhibited as part of the Triennale Device_art from September 23 to October 4 in Zagreb, Croatia.

[tags: robots,emotions,procedural,algorithmic]
W.U.R.M.: Escape from _a_ dying star.

W.U.R.M.: Escape from a Dying Star A 2-player immersive space survival experience.

[tags: W.U.R.M.,games,algorithmic,TAG,hexagram,interactive]

PuffPunk, a 1-4 player PuffBorg dystopian adventure.

[tags: puffpunk,algorithmic,games,criticalhit]
Critical Hit final showcase

Critical Hit final showcase at the GamePlay Space (1435 Rue St-Alexandre).

[tags: games,algorithmic,space,W.U.R.M.]
Critical Hit 2015.

Resident artist in a 10 week collaboratory avant-garde game development workshop. Exploring how to integrate my research in procedural music with experimental game design at Critical Hit 2015 (Hexagram/TAG).

[tags: games,algorithmic,TAG,hexagram,interactive]
E.L.A.P.S. at the Monaco Electroacoustique.

Performance at the 2015 Monaco Electroacoustique. A presentation of new algorithmic music, improvised live with E.L.A.P.S..

[tags: e.l.a.p.s.,algorithmic,live,improvisation]
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